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Ms Suzanne Martin

The document detailing Suzanne Martin's criminal conviction was originally located on the Real Crooks blog, but Google has since deleted the blog post and removed the link from Google. The original document has been reproduced here for public interest.

Born 14th June 1967, Suzanne Louise Martin is the current director and MD of Retro Computers Ltd – they have had over half a million pounds of backers money for the creation and delivery of the ZX Vega Plus console, via Indiegogo, but have delivered nothing but lies in over a year and a half. They also seem to have publicly disappeared also.

September 2017 Update
– The current rumour circulating in various groups, is that online pressure groups promoting the truth, have hacked various email accounts/servers, and are also being ‘helped’ by former police officers themselves frustrated at Martin slipping through their hands many times. It is said that they are supporting backers of the ZX Vega Plus fiasco by hosting backer blogs and videos which Martin had tried to get removed from the internet. It was confirmed by several parties that David Levy and Suzanne Martin managed to get a police officer with the surname of ‘Levy’ to request the removal of much of this material. In the past few weeks several blog links and twitter accounts have sprung up claiming to be showing evidence of hacked RCL bank statements which if true show further evidence of their lies.

The first time Suzanne Louise Martin came to the attention of the UK authorities was in 1987. She has since then spent time at her majesty’s pleasure (12 months custodial sentence for importing controlled substances i.e. drug trafficking). She was sentenced in the Crown Court of Chichester in the UK on the 30th April 1987, and was given a sentence of 12 months; it is not known how long she served of that sentence.

Certificate of conviction for Suzanne Louise Martin for importing drugs p1Certificate of conviction for Suzanne Louise Martin for importing drugs p2

Martin has claimed to have carried out PR work for various TV personalities ranging from people on TV shows such as Goggle-box, to famous singing stars from films like Grease, and many others. Some of them she claims she had affairs with. It is rumoured she did some work for Jimmy Savile, it is claimed also that David Levy (her close associate and business partner) is very good friends with a man called Terry Claxton, all of whom frequented the same ‘club’ over the years. A male partner of Martins is rumoured to be on the run from an infamous South London crime gang, and is in hiding with Martin in a British costal town it is alleged.

She has carried out a lifetimes worth of fraud, theft, embezzlement, blackmail and extortion, even including false claims she was raped which was later thrown out of court but in the intervening time on her false words imprisoned an man to life in India, with him actually serving seven years ‘hard labour’, before the truth came out and he was released and the conviction quashed. Whilst he was imprisoned she tried to falsely claim his possessions and property from both him and his family. She also has several times within the UK attempted through lies and false allegations tried to brand mothers unfit and have their children taken off them, while also accusing the fathers of being paedophiles, in multiple attempts to extort money, revenge and some sort of sick power over people. Much of this has been done under the very nose of the police and media who have been powerless to stop her. Through the use of lies, and doctors notes to claim mental illness she has till now managed to avoid sentencing, and legal repercussions such as paying court fees, compensation or money legally owed to victims, claiming if anyone pursues her that she will kill herself and that she has nothing assets wise to take anyway. This is not true. She has vast assets stored, and hidden away; including designer goods, high end art work, rumours even persist she owns a Banksy artwork bought with her illicitly gained money. She is very clever (she thinks) in that she keeps no assets in her own name, choosing instead to place them in others names such as properties and physical assets in the name of her elderly mother and siblings. It is well know she often places huge sums of cash in the Knightsbridge branch of the Indian bank ICICI, as a way of placing her money outside of the reach of UK authorities. It is also known she claims social security benefits from the UK government claiming to be too ill to work while in fact she is actually working, and or actively extorting money from innocent people, often to the tune of tens of thousands of pounds per month.

Apart from the custodial sentence, apart from the false rape claim, apart from the current Retro Computers Ltd Vega Plus backers funds disappearance, she has hit the newspaper headlines various prior times over, such as in the infamous Brain Games saga, in which it was found she had written cheques out to herself from the company while working for it, to the tune of around £75,000.

It was in 2001 that Suzanne Louise Martin was the CEO of a company called Braingames Network (BGN). She was dismissed from the company for ‘gross incompetence’ in Feb 2001, and on leaving took with her company documents and multiple cheques which she made out to herself. BGN obtained an injunction to get these returned. Suzanne Martin then went to the police with an allegation that certain directors had used their international contacts to “launder Russian Mafia money”. This was considered a serious allegation and was very damaging to the company and the reputation of its directors especially as Suzanne Louise Martin sold the story to a major UK newspaper, the then News of the World, which published the allegations (this was later removed and compensation paid to the companies directors by TNOW when found out to not be true). The police and tax authorities mounted an investigation based on her claims, interviewing her ex-colleagues and business associates. No evidence of any wrong-doing by the directors was ever found, and the newspaper was forced to pay compensation to BGN. Suzanne Martin subsequently lost an employment tribunal against BGN, but it seems she never paid BGN the money owed to them.

During 2009 Suzanne Louise Martin made multiple phone calls to the Chelsea Police Station alleging harassment by ex-friends/business associates. Martin did not provide any evidence of harassment and although the police questioned both of the men they did not find anything to support Suzanne Martin’s claim. Neither of the men received a police ‘warning’, although Suzanne Martin subsequently claimed this in unrelated court documents.

Suzanne Louise Martin is well known to the police for making unsubstantiated allegations. Since 2001 onwards there are records of complaints made by Suzanne Martin including several against a man with whom she had a relationship. (She has since told friends that she was in an abusive relationship). She did not bring any evidence before the police to support these allegations so none of the complaints could be investigated.

In 2016 she also under the Retro Computers Ltd banner got lawyers to make allegations even against the BBC in an attempt to silence them and stop them reporting on the half a million pounds or more of the public’s money which seems to have ‘gone missing’.

Suzanne Louise Martin often displays abusive and threatening behaviour towards her former clients, journalists, solicitors and other business associates who take issue with her or question her, while then falsely accusing them back of being abusive and threatening towards her, without any evidence.

According to several people who have known her for many years, she has a history of psychiatric treatment. Confirmation of this cannot be obtained as medical records in the UK are confidential.

Whilst running her company Suzanne Martin and Associates Ltd, (an alleged PR company) she is known to have had court cases in and out of the court system to the extent judges knew her on a first name basis as attending the courts almost weekly. They were also known to have a box of tissues ready for her as she tended to cry in court to obtain sympathy.

Her court cases were well known to the legal system as she always tended to defend/attack her victims herself, not using lawyers generally, so causing her no costs while inflating her victims costs. This would be by means of a constant influx of paperwork to the victim’s lawyers in an attempt to cost them as much money as possible, and so as to increase the chances of her victims paying her off to decrease the costs to them even though they were innocent by default. Her methods of harassment and extortion know no bounds.

There have been victim support groups to help the many tens of individual victims of Suzanne Louise Martin, when she found out about one of them she tried to tell the police that this support group was in fact a paedophile ring, an attempt that failed of course. The various groups have gone on to help the many tens of victims of Suzanne Louise Martin including the many mothers who Martin has attempted to have their children taken away from in an attempt to extort money or gain some sort of revenge on them. Martin has (due to her attempts in these matters) current court restraining orders on her held in various UK police stations. Even in 2017 multiple Facebook groups and other ‘underground’ forums exist to share information about Martin and help victims. There are of course many other groups also supporting the victims of the ZX Vega Plus games console saga, which she fronts.

In May 2010 Martin realised she was actually wanted by the police on suspicion of creating fraudulent court documents and statements, to avoid an initial police arrest she threatened suicide and was subsequently taken by police and admitted to St Charles Hospital. In October 2010 Martin was actually arrested by Met Police and taken to Kilburn Police station for perverting the course of Justice by forging witness statements for court cases and tribunals. It was said that it took three officers to take her kicking and screaming to the police car and in the end she had to be sedated due to the physical resistance of arrest. An attempt to have her committed into psychiatric care was made. In January 2011 a letter was presented to the court by Suzanne Louise Martin from her GP to prevent her having to give evidence. The letter stated she had “significant low mood and anxiety symptoms”. The letter also stated she had a history of this.

Numerous professionals have gone on the record to state that Suzanne Louise Martin has a pattern indicating intent to defraud, these patterns include –

  • Delaying payments owed - this would not only include money owed in her’ normal’ life, in fact she is known to rent properties for around two years, not paying her landlords rent, and in essence squatting till moving onto the next rented property, and starting the cycle again, but also running up huge court costs for her victims, having judgements against her and never paying these court costs or judgement costs to her victims.
  • Forgeries – to include false contracts, false invoices, false court witness statements, and so on.
  • Failing to produce any evidence in court hearings - when she has herself instigated herself multiple delays to hearings – this has been done many times over.
  • Stopping creditors pursuing her for their money – she often claims she is leaving the UK for good, but in fact never does.
  • Threatening to report to the police for ‘harassment’ (or has reported) to stop them pursuing her for monies owed – this has happened many times over.
  • Avoiding court hearings – mostly by getting sick notes from doctors to avoid appearing in court.
  • Judges have often stated her behaviour is unreasonable, and she often tries to re-open a case even when it is already closed to cause more damage and hardship to her victims.
  • One well known doctor paid her £25,000 plus her costs to just avoid a court case which would tarnish his name although not guilty of anything.
  • Known totals of money claimed owed to her by Suzanne Louise Martin is in excess of £200,000 and this is just known claims, and it is believed this total could be much bigger.
  • Known outstanding money awarded by the courts against Suzanne Louise Martin is in excess of £50,000, but it is believed to be much more than this total. This is without of course the missing half a million pounds in the Retro Computers Ltd scandal.

A small selection of court case (and employment tribunals) reference numbers known just between 2001-2011 are - 8MY08118, 8QT67885, 8WO00755, 8QZ46805, 8CL50835, 8QT66485, 7CL02077, 7CL02077, 9QT25080, 9QT33581, 2200371/01, 2203757/2007, 2203783/2007, 2204822/2009.

Specific cases Martin lost include –

Woolwich / Central London - 8WO00755 – 2008 - Suzanne Martin & Associates : Sarah Lovell - costs awarded to S Lovell

Central London - 8CL50835 – 2008 - Suzanne Martin & Associates - SM ordered to pay £1,607

Mayors & City - 8MY08118 – 2009 - Suzanne Martin & Associates : Carter Ruck - SM ordered to pay £2,789

Northampton CCBC - 9QY08843 – 2009 - Suzanne Martin & Associates : Orange - SM ordered to pay £12,365

Central London - 7CL02077 – 2010 - Suzanne Martin & Associates : Coles McConnell - SM ordered to pay £6,500

Cambridge - 8QZ46805 – 2010 - Suzanne Martin & Associates : Igennus - Igennus awarded costs of around £25k

Central London – 2011 - Suzanne Martin and Mr and Mrs D Anderson (Landlords) – SM ordered to pay around £15,000 plus costs

The list goes on and on..

The false accusations / India rape case – the official files for this are easy to find using Google as they are on various official government and legal web sites – using key words such as – Suzanne Louise Martin, Rana Singh, Pardeshi guest house, Firoz Khan.
Final link to the victim being freed and his conviction quashed after seven years of hard labour on a false accusation by Martin is here - https://indiankanoon.org/doc/98509106/?type=print
It should be noted a full exposé of Suzanne Louise Martin was planned and about to happen by the Daily Mail newspaper some years ago, but when asked for her final comment / right to reply, she told the journalist she would commit suicide if they printed the article to avoid this becoming public, a tactic she uses often.

Quotes from her former victims include –

Ms Martin has claimed that she 'makes money' from litigation. Over the past four years, some 27 individuals and/or companies have been the victims of her litigious business methods.
Ms Martin's actions are a systematic abuse of the court process
Many victims have settled out of court for thousands of pounds, worn down by Ms Martin's irrational behaviour, harassment, abuse and threats. Some have been driven to the verge of bankruptcy by escalating legal fees and have been forced to pay her false invoices in order to escape her.
The Courts seem powerless to prevent her activities, which amount in many cases to extortion, because the cases often do not get to a Court hearing.
Ms Martin has lost every case which has gone to a Court hearing because her case crumbles under examination, due to lack of evidence.
A complaint has recently been lodged with the Metropolitan Police following the discovery of forged documents signed by Ms Martin, pertaining to three legal cases and clearly proving her attempts to pervert the course of British justice.
Given Ms Martin's manipulation of the British Courts to her financial advantage, we believe that her allegation of rape in India must be judged in the light of her activities in the UK."

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Confirmation of the shilling that went on from certain individuals during this absolute scandal. What a disgrace!

Well it seems justice has prevailed for once and no surprises there to be honest what a ridiculous bit of behaviour !

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"Our Indiegogo campaign is to raise funds to manufacture the first 2,500 or more units of the Vega+ in the UK, and to prepare us for the second production run."

— RCL (15/02/2016)

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