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Thursday 15th February, 2018

RCL release 8 updates (and in typical RCL style number them 1-5 and 7-9) called Conflict of Interest and publish 18 month old emails between the former directors. One of the emails shows Chris Smith had a fully functioning and basically complete Vega+ almost 2 years ago. None of the 8 updates mention refund requests, timelines, PEGI rating, how many game licences have been acquired or GOSH payments. On the RCL facebook page, the Conflict of Interest post also includes 17 photos of the emails. Various comments are deleted.

Paul Andrews posts a response on the public discussion facebook group:

With regards to the nonsense Mr Levy has published today, Thursday the 15th February 2018.

I don’t think that people want to read pages and pages of dull business e-mails, so I’ll keep my response as short as possible.

As previously stated many time, Retro Computers Limited, (initially called Sinclair Computers Limited, and only changed at the insistence of the IP licensor SKY) was set up with the limited remit of four Sinclair branded potential products. The first being the Vega which was successfully delivered (while myself and Chris Smith were involved with the company), the second was to be the Vega Plus (not yet delivered under the current directors control), the third and fourth Sir Clive was to provide (those being a Sinclair branded laptop, and a 3D games console), those were never discussed past the initial documents of the companies aims. The company was not there to do anything more than that.

It seems pointless to answer all of Mr Levy’s increasingly wild and bizarre accusations, especially when it is widely known, that after I confirmed to Mr Levy the company no longer required the services of the then part time PR contractor (Suzanne Martin) and, that until the Vega Plus was made and delivered to backers, no one (i.e. Mr Levy, myself of Chris) could draw wages, etc. at that point Mr Levy and Suzanne Martin started a well-documented hate campaign against myself and Chris, in an attempt to drive us out, which in the end we felt we had no choice but to leave. For clarity Chris Smith was never paid for any of the ZX Vega IP, for clarity outstanding invoices in excess of £70k+ are still outstanding to me and Chris (while Mr Levy has paid himself parallel invoices after we left). Once more for clarity myself and Chris left Retro Computers Limited, BEFORE any Vega Plus backer funds where paid to the company, and also for clarity we still own 50% of the company’s shares after having no choice but to take RCL and its current directors to high court to stop the unlawful removal of said shares. This high court case was ruled in our favour, the £50k+ of costs awarded in our favour have yet to be settled to us.

We find it quite sad, that Mr Levy feels the need to try to obscure his own failings in delivering the Vega Plus to backers who paid for it, (almost two years ago), despite many times saying it would be delivered to people, it was in production and so on, while time and time again not fulfilling these promises. He has now set himself a deadline of April 2018 to deliver, we remain hopeful for the sake of backers this time he will finally be telling the truth.

Once again for clarity, trying to use partial emails to create a myth of some form of conflict of interest is also quite sad, I am sure Mr Levy would not like it if I released the emails from various parties in which his friend Sir Clive Sinclair via his representatives not only confirmed he, nor Sinclair Research Limited (25% shareholder in RCL and corporate director), had no issues, with, nor no interest in external projects such as THEC64. I am sure Mr Levy would not also like it if I released the emails which detail how Sir Clive was willing to support us in the removal of Mr Levy as a director of Retro Computers Limited, just prior to the point of us being forced out by a hate campaign. As ever all these documents from emails, to letters, to legal correspondence, to the lawfully obtained RCL bank statements which show how backer money was spent, are with not only our legal representatives, but also the police and other authorities.

There was, and is no conflict of interest, we all had other jobs, other interests, other companies (I should remind you all for example that one of Mr Levy’s at the time was a company called Intelligent Toys Ltd, makers of electronic games etc.) and so on. The current directors also have company’s called Ping Pong Studios Ltd, Planet Computers Ltd, etc. none of which ZX Vega backers care about. The simple truth Mr Levy struggles with is, he was unwanted in external ventures, as he ‘bought nothing to the table’.

So once more we appeal to the current directors of RCL to either deliver the Vega Plus console to backers, or refund them, we appeal to them to pay the many IP owners and charity, which should also benefit from the Vega, and Vega Plus, and stop this silly pointless nonsense, which serves as nothing more than to make them look very unprofessional and bitter over their own failings.

— Paul Andrews

RCL email backer Justin King accusing him of fraud after he emails them asking about his refund requests:

Retro Computers Ltd

Justin you have made fraudulent requests for money from multiple accounts we have reported this to Indiegogo and Paypal

— Retro Computers Ltd

Justin replies with:

How dare you email me and accuse me of FRAUD?

“Justin you have made fraudulent requests for money from multiple accounts we have reported this to Indiegogo and Paypal”

I have simply requested you refund me. I sent money requests to your personal PayPal account with full info of the order number and refund amount. It was quite clear what it was for.

Taking someone’s money and not sending a product in return however may be classed as FRAUD?

Refund please today.

Police are also being contacted to cover myself.

Fraud 1. Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. ‘he was convicted of fraud’ count noun ‘prosecutions for social security frauds’ 1.1. noun A person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities. ‘mediums exposed as tricksters and frauds’


— Justin King

Friday 16th February, 2018

In response to David Levy's unsubstantiated allegations about a conflict of interest, Paul Andrews releases two emails showing Sir Clive Sinclair agreed the TheC64 project was outside of RCL:

The meeting for Wednesday is now cancelled.

Robert, Clive's accountant confirms the following, after speaking with Clive;

Having spoken to Clive (my fellow trustee of The Sinclair 2007 Settlement (the controlling shareholder of SRL)), he confirms to me that the Commodore project was outside Retro and that SRL was never a party to it.

— Robert Freestone

TheC64 is outside RCL and SRL is not party to it

Robert Freestone (chartered accountant of Freestone & Co.) also confirmed:


I have a meeting scheduled shortly so I cannot talk now.

I am sorry to see this matter has been resolved. I have spoken to Clive and he tells me that neither he not SRL has any involvement in the Commodore project, either directly or indirectly.

Perhaps someone ought to remind Mr Levy that he remains a director of Retro and as such he has a fiduciary duty towards the company.

If he deliberately damages its interests I would have thought he is exposing himself to a claim from the company for breach of that duty.

The potential damage is to Retro Computers and I do not act for Retro Computers, are its advisers aware of these problems? Assuming that they have no conflict of interest what is their advice?


— Robert Freestone

Accountant Robert Freestone confirms RCL has no involvement in TheC64

Backer Metal Jesus (who goes by the youtube name MetalJesusRocks and has half a million subscribers) joins the list of people demanding a refund from RCL:

Are these emails supposed to make us feel better about our support of your product!? It just shows how fucked up the whole situation is… I want a refund.

— Metal Jesus

Metal Jesus wants a refund

Saturday 17th February, 2018

A twitter user discovers a new website saggiorijan.com contains information about RCL employee Jan Saggiori. Jan has admitted doxxing various members of the retro community during the Vega+ debacle.

Darren Randle receives a message from Indiegogo informing him that he can no longer post comments on the campaign.

Darren Randle blocked from commenting on Vega+ Indiegogo campaign

Backer Ronan McEvoy posts on the RCL facebook page asking why a two and a half year old dispute is being used as an excuse by RCL now:

@David / Suzanne - To be very clear, this dispute occurred 2.5 years ago in September 2015.

In the intervening 2.5 years, you have taken over £500k of our money, squandered it, and delivered nothing.

In the meantime, Andrews & Smyth WILL bring the 64 Mini to market on 29/03/18.

So, why should they have involved you in the C64 project, when you both clearly bring NOTHING to the party. The relationship with Sir Clive means nothing on the C64.

Wise up, and stop trying to use this as a valid excuse for abusing the goodwill (& money) of backers.

— Ronan McEvoy

Monday 19th February, 2018

RCL posts update 82 called Big Boys Toys that features a heavily edited video of random machines making random pieces and claiming the entire unit is being made in the UK:

Retro Computers Ltd

This is not a 3D Printer - this is a Big Boy Injection Moulding Machine.

This footage is from a few weeks ago in December, but we now have 10k sets. These are the second set of tools we have made for the moulds and as we have explained before we believe the new design will give players a much-improved gaming experience. We love how sparking on the tools accentuates the iconic Spectrum logo.

All the tools in our teaser are made in the UK, and the plastics are also 'home grown' so we're incredibly proud of supporting British companies. No other gaming console is 100% made in the UK. We believe that working with British manufacturers means the quality is second to none and also allows for a close working relationship with our partners, as well as full transparency on a corporate and social responsibility front.

So in summary; 10k sets of plastics, everything made in the UK, 1000 licenced games, delivery to backers before retail.

So the good news is that we're progressing rapidly towards our estimated delivery of April 2018.

The sun may not be shining today, but this is still a very happy Vega+ Monday.

— Retro Computers Ltd (update 82)

The RCL video features a mould manufacturing machine with an LKM logo on it. A keen observer finds that LKM stands for Lung Kee Group, and is a Hong Kong company. An almost identical video to the RCL "Hollywood video" is found featuring the same LKM machine producing moulds in China:

Lee Fogarty posts on facebook and implies Codemasters games were due to be on the Vega+ (by including their games Seymour and Dizzy) but that Lee doubts RCL has contacted them a second time:

Lying Lee Fogarty

Lee Fogarty If they make the SD printed one I saw, it's almost exactly what Rick designed. The one people have played was close too. Rick has briefly seen the old design and didn't look too impressed. As for the games - it comes out, you'll be pleased with the list we managed to pull together. That is assuming RCL actually made 2nd contact with anyone. I know one major company that has titles denied on WoS were interested in talking to RCL but last I heard no contact had been made. I can't say who at the moment, but if they've actually taken up the offer, you could seymore games on the system to make you dizzy. But don't hold your breath that RCL actually bothered to speak to them...

— Lee Fogarty

Lee Fogarty says Codemasters games might have been on the Vega+

Brian Cooper finally receives a refund after asking more than 120 times:

Miracles can happen…I have just been refunded.

All it took was over 120 refund requests, a number of complaints to Indiegogo and the filing of cases with the Information Commissioner (data protection) and Action Fraud (potential loss of financial data) to finally get my refund.

Keep at it, all those who are still seeking a refund. It’s not easy, but you can succeed.

Good luck to all those still seeking refunds, and fingers crossed for those still hoping they might eventually receive a Vega+

— Brian Cooper

Brian Cooper refunded

Tuesday 20th February, 2018

After receiving flak over the previous video, RCL call a backer "a wag" for daring to suggest that the video showed nothing and was made from stock footage. RCL release update 83 and upload a replacement video, hilariously called Copy of Copy of Big Boy Tools HD despite the footage not being high definition at all. The video currently has 10 likes and 35 dislikes, and all 10 comments on the video are negative.

Retro Computers Ltd

Big Boys Toys - Slowly Does It

So some wag suggested that our update yesterday was "stock-footage" and it wasn't showing manufacture of the ZXVega V2.

It has also been claimed this is in China - wrong.

Well SURPRISE here it is slowed down and minus the 80's graphics. We hope you can see the molds - 3 pieces in all their glory.

We will be posting more footage and some images of all 10,000 sets of plastics in all their shiny loveliness.

Happy Tuesday

— Retro Computers Ltd (update 83)

30 minutes later, RCL issue update 84 and yet another video, claiming the "HD footage" is from December 2017. Like the previous footage, the video Big Boys Toys No Filter HD is not high-definition at all, and the youtube video comments are all negative.

Retro Computers Ltd

Big Boys Toys - No Filter

So in summary; 10k sets of plastics, everything made in the UK, 1000 licenced games, delivery to backers before retail.

We'll shortly be publishing some images of all 10,000 sets of plastics in all their shiny loveliness.

— Retro Computers Ltd (update 84)

Lee Fogarty posts a list of problems with the Vega+ on facebook and suggesting he had provided solutions to most of them but RCL ignored him:

Lying Lee Fogarty

The software was a mess (installed Linux then didn't check to see if it worked properly before installing Fuse and not getting that working properly). It's been re-done but nobody has seen it. The last version we had, the keyboard/tv-out didn't work at all, and the on-screen keyboard only accepted a single keypress before closing. So yeah - text adventures are useless.

Assuming the keyboard now works, there's no reason for text adventures not to work. I gave instructions on how to set games for specific modes on selection so that the user doesn't have to - I doubt that will be implemented. The same was for setting the d-pad to Kempston if it was an option in the title.

There were save states implemented but it was buggy - the idea was there though.

So, the only thing on your "want" list that couldn't be done is touch-screen. And that was to save a few pence on cost (there's not that much price difference).

— Lee Fogarty

Lee Fogarty blames RCL

A member of the public discussion facebook group creates a comedic video showing various supposed updates that RCL have announced over the past 2 years. The backing track is the appropriately titiled "Tell me Lies" by Fleetwood Mac.


Wednesday 21st February, 2018

Paul Andrews posts on the public discussion facebook group to indicate that Indiegogo has removed his name from the Vega+ campaign and replaced it with Suzanne Martin. RCL illegally switched the name from "Suzanne Martin" to "PAUL ANDREWS" (in capital letters) more than a year ago and refused to change it despite multiple requests to both RCL and Indiegogo. The name change occurred late last night.

Thank you to everyone who informed me that my name had been wrongly posted out to backers as the current ZX Vega Plus campaign owner, (no need to do the whole story again but it had been changed from my name while there, to Suzanne Martin after we left, (not forgetting myself and Chris left before backer money was paid to RCL) and then someone changed it back from Suzanne Martin to my name in capitals). This has been like it for around the last year.

Indiegogo has now informed me it has now been changed back into the name of Suzanne Martin.

Thank you to Indiegogo, and you guys again.

— Paul Andrews

Suzanne Martin now campaign owner of the Vega+ debacle

Friday 23rd February, 2018

Recent events from the Vega+ are discussed on episode 7 of the ugvm podcast. The podcast mentions David Levy's no-show court excuse due to "trolls that might chop off his penis", the court case loss itself, David Levy's other role making sex dolls, the recent videos that feature stock footage manufacturing with 80s effects and Indiegogo's ultimatum to send in debt collectors to recover the money from RCL. Listen to just the Vega+ section from the podcast.

RCL continue to accuse backer Justin King of fraud, claiming Indiegogo and PayPal have been informed. Justin replies stating he has contacted PayPal who claim to know nothing about it at all.

Dear Indiegogo, I have been accused of FRAUD by whoever it is replying to my emails.
I’m not sure who as they refuse/ignore to give a name, even though I keep asking who it it I am talking with.

Their exact words were…

“Justin you have made fraudulent requests for money from multiple accounts we have reported this to Indiegogo and Paypal”

I have sent PayPal request for my refund to their personal emails. Each time clearly stating the order number 1386 and the details of the refund.

I have spoken with PayPal and they know nothing of this. I have messaged you (Indiegogo) too, but no reply as of yet. Please advise, have I been reported by RCL? RCL say my order is on hold? What does this mean? No info of this on my order details in my account. Can I have my money back? What is with these allegations? Do I need a solicitor? Regards Justin King

— Justin King

Justin King accused of fraud but PayPal know nothing about it

PCube's Andy Pearson replies to a message about stocking the Vega+, but admits they have had no information about the release date. Despite a shipping date of approximately one month away, RCL have no PEGI rating, box art, games list or proof of manufacturing to go with the lack of release date: 

Hi Chris

We remain the Exclusive Worldwide distributor for the product and it is still on our release schedule - with no specific date. As far as we are aware, this project is still happening.

We look forward to your order in the near future and thank you for your interest in the product.

— Andy Pearson

PCube are still hopeful of the Vega+ coming out but no release date

Latest Funky Spectrum RCL Videos

We reach the end as Indiegogo threaten to send in the debt collectors.

More resounding and easily refutable bullshit comes from the mouths of RCL mere moments after they lose another court case.

Indiegogo Campaign

"Our Indiegogo campaign is to raise funds to manufacture the first 2,500 or more units of the Vega+ in the UK, and to prepare us for the second production run."

— RCL (15/02/2016)

Vega+ Status

  • All refunds processed:
  • Roll of honour email:
  • Address confirmation:
  • Battery specification:
  • PEGI certification:
  • Final specs released:
  • Games list released:
  • Finished box design:
  • Manual released:
  • Working website:
  • Final devices made: 0
  • Small claims victories: 0
  • Prototypes made: 20-30